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60 minutes Nano and Food/Beverage Stockholm

Sweden Foodtech – The Big Meet
60 minutes – Nanotech & Food/Beverage
Clarion Hotel Stockholm
June 1, 2017
14.30 – 15.30

– Intro The Challenge, Collaboration between science and industry |Mats Brodén, CEO Embedded Nano

– Nano Strategy Thinking | Lars Montelius, Director General at the International Nanotechnology Laboratory

– Nanotechnology in practice applied in the food sector | Lorenzo Pastrana Head of Food and Environment at the International Nanotechnology Laboratory.

– Panel discussion – Nano Strategy in Companies? How do we set up co-create collaborations?
ICA Group – Axel Johnson Group – The Absolut Company – New Harvest
Panel – Reflections and Comments from the business community in dialog with scientists
Lena Danielsson | Global Innovation Director and New Ventures at the Absolut Company.
Åsa Domeij | Head of environment and social responsibility at Axfood
Malin Y Ericsson | Trend Analyst at ICA Group

Moderator: Johan Jörgensen, Sweden Food Tech


– Convince everyone that there is a technology out there and it is relevant for you.
– We need to collaborate – awareness of the need for new models.
– How do we set up the collaboration? Initiate a dialog.

*Co-Create Partnership Project:
Embedded Nano and the International Nanotechnology Laboratory

Harvard Business Review recently published an article ” Saving the Planet from Ecological Disaster Is a $12 Trillion Opportunity”. The bottom-line is that we should see our challenges as an opportunity and not set up a mental image that the future is a threat by thinking development as something incremental.

Peter Diamandis – co-founder of the X Prize Foundation and Singularity University , claims that “technology is a resource-liberating force.” . We have in other words no idea what values we can create by imagine connections in the periodic table.

“There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom” was an lecture given by Richard Feynman in 1959 that eventually gave way for nanotechnology as an emerging field. He pointed out the vast room that exist on that scale for us to maneuver and create.

There is no doubt that nanotech will play a role when we make the future an asset today – nano design thinking. Understanding the underlying “operating system” that make up the properties and performance of material is crucial – ignorance is not an option. Everything around us bear witness of activity taken place beyond our sensory capacity. Nanotech give us access to this world and give us tools to design or embed our desires in matter.

Nanotech is relevant for all areas which sometimes makes the field a bit elusive. It also fits in everywhere and nowhere in an organization. Compare it with Internet about 20 years ago. We started by publish a text and a picture. Now Internet has completely changed our organizations and how we create value.

In order to make something happen we need to set up collaboration between science and industry/business – expand the adjacent possible. But how do we do that? The purpose with this session is to discuss this together with the business community. How do we bridge the gap? What strategies do we need?

We will give an update on what nanotech can do within the field of food and beverage. We have also set up new concept for communicating nanotech “The Nano Tech Bar”. Here we will in collaboration with partners address things like: Experience Design, Sustainability , Health, Personal Food, Traceability, Texture, Packaging, Sensors, Data extraction, Temperatures, Precision Agriculture, Storage & Delivery, Innovative and Augmented Bar and Restaurant Equipments, etc.


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